Who we are

IREAL is a real estate digital market place for property development, sales, and purchase transactions. Parties, that is, the players and end users in the built industry, can come together for the benefit of their common goals, thanks to our innovation in delivering properties to customers at almost no cost with payment spread over 120 months.


We provide mortgage financing for your property acquisition spread over 120 months


Property Credits Facilities

We provide corporate finance through credits and cooperative loan for the purchase of your land and financing deposit for your property desire and development



We provide development funding for your housing project development at your terms


A sign-up fee of N1,000 qualifies you to trade properties with Ireal

You trade as either a vendor, affiliate,Artisan,Professional,Consultant or costumer.

Upon the payment of your N20,000 annual partnership fee, you are qualified to carry out any function applied for and approved with and for Ireal Estates Ltd. on behalf of its over 500,000 prospective customers.

You can achieve your property ownership and sales goals and still make money trading with us while also earning a referral commission of 20% when you refer anyone and 50% straight when you refer 12 at a time.

You can also, as a partner, service any of our customers and earn your fee.

Opportunities abound in Ireal.

What we provide

Our top goal is to make sure you’re satisfied. We customize our services to fit your unique requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasurable real estate transaction.

Real Estate Consultancy
Mobilisation of Building Professionals (BOM/BOQ)
Architectural Designs
Building Labour acquisition
Building Materials mobilisation and sales
Property Rentals
  • Long Lease ( Annual and Bi – Annual) 
  • Short Lease ( Daily)
Property Sales
  • Land sales
  • House sales
Property Purchase
  • Land purchase
  • House purchase 
Property Documentation
  • Registered Survey Plan
  • Estate Layout plan 
  •  Stamp Duty 
  •  Certificate of Occupancy
  •  Governor’s Consent 
  •  Ratification 
  •  Building Plan Approval 
  •  Deed 
  •  Power of Attorney 
Real Estate and Property Financing
  • Construction and Development
  • Land Purchase
  • House Purchase
  • Estate Layout 
  • Sponsorship

Ready to Buy?

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and luxury with our exclusive real estate listings! Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, we have the ideal home for you.


22, Gbeniga Road, Onibuku, Ota,Ogun State

Phone Number

08123899849, 07031018878

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